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The purpose of the ONDNA listserv is to foster community among residents of the Old North Durham neighborhood. 

Old North Durham is a culturally-rich and diverse neighborhood. We are people of many ages, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions, political backgrounds, and personal interests. Some of us have lived in this area for our entire life, while others moved here more recently. We are home owners and renters. Some of us are small business owners.

We ask that members of the listserv make a commitment to fostering community and respecting differences. This means:

  • Be thoughtful about what you post on the list. Does it enhance our community? Provide neighbors with helpful information? Respect your neighbors?
  • Be careful with tone and language. If your grandparents or school teachers might be offended, think twice.
  • If you have an issue with a specific person, handle it directly with them. Talk or hug it out; don't let it spill over into the list.

Appropriate types of posts include the following:

  • Introducing yourself to the neighborhood community
  • Announcement of local events or meetings
  • Local conditions: Power outages; Halloween trick-or-treating; blizzards or hurricanes, etc; break-ins or burglaries; people going door-to-door who seem suspicious, etc.

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  • #covid-19 Information about coronavirus 16 topics
  • #durham-news News about organizations and neighborhoods in Durham 15 topics
  • #things-needed Requests from residents of Old North Durham for needed things 14 topics
  • #face-masks Patterns and other info about fabric face masks 13 topics
  • #free-stuff Free stuff offered by residents of Old North Durham 11 topics
  • #curb-alert Information about free items available on the curb 10 topics
  • #virtual-events Virtual (Web or telephone-based) events 7 topics
  • #services Professional services provided or recommended by residents of Old North Durham 7 topics
  • #services-needed Requests for service info (appliance repair, mechanic, etc) 6 topics
  • #admin Administration of the OND list 4 topics

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